Low-cost Internet Access Resources

Internet access provides a vital lifeline to information and resources, whether in times of international crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic, individual crises like the loss of shelter, or just ordinary circumstances like looking for a home closer to work. 

At Housing Navigator Massachusetts, we recognize that internet access is fundamental.  Below we share some resources for low-cost access.

Everyday programs


Many broadband companies provide low-cost internet services starting at $10/month for qualified households. For more details, check with the provider.  Some also provide low-cost computers and other electronic equipment.

A full list of low-cost internet providers can also be found at https://www.everyoneon.org/lowcost-offers 

Data plans for smart phones and hotspots

In Massachusetts, households may be eligible for a free smart phone and monthly data plan through Assurance Mobile by Virgin Mobile or low-cost hotspots through PCs for People.

See below for cell phone carriers offering low-cost plans to all customers.