Low-cost Internet Access Resources

Internet access provides a vital lifeline to information and resources, whether in times of international crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic, individual crises like the loss of shelter, or just ordinary circumstances like looking for a home closer to work. 

At Housing Navigator Massachusetts, we recognize that internet access is fundamental.  Below we share some resources for low-cost access.

Special COVID-19 pandemic initiative

Starting March 13, 2020, internet and telephone companies committed to join the FCC’s call to “Keep Americans Connected.”  For the next 60 days (through May 12), they have pledged to:

  • not terminate service to residential or small business customers
  • waive any late fees
  • open Wi-Fi hotspots

Certification requirements have also been waived for many affordable internet and telephone programs.

Everyday programs


Many broadband companies provide low-cost internet services starting at $10/month for qualified households. For more details, check with the provider.  Some also provide low-cost computers and other electronic equipment.

A full list of low-cost internet providers can also be found at https://www.everyoneon.org/lowcost-offers 

Data plans for smart phones and hotspots

In Massachusetts, households may be eligible for a free smart phone and monthly data plan through Assurance Mobile by Virgin Mobile or low-cost hotspots through PCs for People.

See below for cell phone carriers offering low-cost plans to all customers.