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Home is a good starting place. Whether about our commute to work, being close to neighborhood ties or our children’s school, few choices are as important as where we call home. 

We believe everyone deserves reliable information about housing affordable and available to them to make that choice. We’re hard at work on our first solution…a simplified, user-focused housing search tool.  

We are based in Massachusetts, a recognized leader for producing affordable housing as well as cutting-edge technology. And yet…the last time Massachusetts had a complete guide to affordable housing was 1986—thirty-four years ago.  

Our outmoded system comes with a high cost and unfair burden. For renters, its hours searching online without success or time off from work visiting buildings in person, hoping to find openings. For owners and managers, it’s time-draining paperwork and bottlenecks that result from high confusion around eligibility and rents. 

It doesn’t need to be this way.  

Our search tool will help renters and property owners connect.  In the process, we’ll create the first comprehensive data-set on the inventory of Massachusetts affordable housing, a rich resource to inform policy. Next, we aim to simplify the application process.

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If you are looking for housing options currently, we’re moving as fast as we can. In the mean time, our Resources page offers some starting places. 

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