Our Data

“Home for me is my sanctuary and my safe place.” Anonymous “soon-to-be renter,” now in shelter, Boston, December, 2023

Massachusetts has a housing gap of 200,000 homes in just the next decade. With insights into the homes we have, we can better chart the path toward the homes we need.

You can access dashboards for Massachusetts and every municipality here.

Housing Navigator MA’s State of Affordable Housing dashboards provide a deep dive on the supply of affordable (income-restricted) rental housing across our state. Here, 64 percent of renters earning less than $35,000 a year – that’s 200,000 households – spend half their income to have a roof over their heads. 

When we seek a better future – individually or for our community – a stable home is the foundation. We collected this fine-grained data to support our search tool and the thousands of people using it every day to find their way home. 

We provide this data for free to support the work of those who care about this critical issue. Whether you are a housing activist, a researcher analyzing a housing program, a journalist who wants facts on the ground, someone searching for an affordable home, or all of the above, we encourage you to leverage our data to take action. If you use our data, please attribute Housing Navigator MA. 

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Our FAQ/Glossary explains how we created the dataset, identifies known gaps, and provides a glossary.  

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