Home is the Foundation

These unique reflections unite around one theme: Home is the foundation for everything else we do.

Juana Matias

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without the secure housing my family provided me growing up. That stability was instrumental in shaping my world view and in fueling my passion for public service."

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Headshot of Jaissa Feliz

Jaissa Feliz

"While the systemic issues stemming from poverty and inequality were present in our neighborhood, I also felt a sense of community and hope— especially when, after four years of being on the wait list, my mom’s name was called to move to one of the newly developed town homes.”

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Three teenaged girls carving pumpkins

Sarah Ryder

“ ... growing up in that environment had a major impact on the educational choices I made and the way I tend to approach relationships and communicate with others — with an open mind.”

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